What Should Home Builders Put On The Project Pages To Build More Trust & Authority?

You build beautiful homes, but how do you display them on your website?

You might say – “We put some pictures on our “Gallery” or an individual page for each project…”

The most common mistake home builders make is not giving enough information about their best projects to their website visitors.

And this mistake may cost them a few opportunities in terms of leads and sales.

Why you should care more about your project pages?

Building a home is a huge investment. When people are looking for a builder, they want to choose a qualified builder who is the best choice for their project.

When they land on your website, they want to know a few key things before they get in touch with you:

  • Do you have experience in the type of project they want?
  • What kind of homes did you build? Where are they located?
  • What was the project scope?
  • How was the overall experience of your customers?

The best way to answer all of these questions at one place is to create a detailed project page on your website for each home that you have built.

What makes a perfect project page?

Here are 6 crucial things you may add to your project pages that will instantly build trust and authority with your prospective customers:

1) Start With The Project Brief

Your project page must start with a brief introduction to the project. This is a chance for you to really set up the scene and give your readers an idea of what the project was all about. It should include:

  • What were your client’s requirements and overall scope of work?
  • Where it’s located (city or region)?
  • How did you get started and who was involved in the project (architects, designers, etc)?
  • How long did it take to complete?

This intro is a great opportunity to highlight anything interesting about your project that you want people to know to make them read further.

This section should ideally be no more than about 200 words.

2) Any Obstacles & Your Approach

Next comes the section where you need to get into the nitty-gritty of the project.

You can mention all the obstacles you faced while working on this project, what was your approach, and how you found ways to solve them. It can be anything like the limited storage area for materials, family living in the house during the renovation, etc.

This is where you need to show that all your hard work was worth it by getting into detail about how everything turned out in the end and what solutions were used to address any issues faced while building this project.

Do not forget – people are equally interested in hearing about obstacles and about how smoothly the project went.

This is your chance to show your readers how well-equipped you are as an expert in the construction industry, especially if they’re going through some of the similar things that may happen on their home projects.

3) Gallery of High-Quality Pictures

People love pictures. So, uploading high-quality pictures of the project is one of the best ways home builders can increase their online authority.

High-resolution pictures of the interior and exterior of the house can give your prospects a better visual idea of what your company produces, which increases the chances of a future sale.

To get the best shots, you may need to hire a professional photographer who can find the best angles of your projects and craft high-quality images and videos that are appealing to your prospects.

4) Video Walkthrough

Video walk-throughs are an engaging way to allow prospects to see your work in a realistic setting. They can see what it looks like to enter the home, how hallways and rooms are laid out, as well as see the exterior of the home.

In this video, you can capture the happy moments of the family moving into their new home, which gives the video a personal touch.

Capture both exterior and interior shots of the house, with careful attention paid to highlighting any features that are appealing about the project.

There is also something very special about actually seeing how things come together from start to finish that may be hard to convey through photos alone.

5) Before & After Transformation

If this is a renovation project, you must highlight the before and after transformation.

Make sure to put some before and after photos of the project. Many people love looking at these types of photos for inspiration – it adds a lot of credibility to your company as well.

This is a great way of showing how your home builder company can take an old, dilapidated property and turn it into something amazing that your customers can be proud of.

6) The Outcome: Customer Testimonial

Finally, you should always include a customer testimonial on your project page.

Written testimonials are good, but videos convert better. And there is a great way to get a video testimonial from your customers.

During the handover or after a few days, you may visit your client and request to shoot a short video. Ask them to talk about their project and how it turned out, what they liked best, which feature or experience was most valuable for them etc.?

Not only will this boost trustworthiness, but it can also help convert more visitors into customers or at the very least start conversations with those who are interested in the process of building a new home.

The Perfect Example: ZJ Building

Here is the best example of a project page that we laid out for one of our home builder clients from Adelaide if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Let’s make your project pages more powerful and let you help get more deals.